What is joint mobility?

Mobility refers to how well a person is able to move their body in its full range of motion. It differs from flexibility in that it is an active movement the body achieves without the aid of gravity or other external forces. Think of mobility as flexibility + strength.

Joint mobility training is a simple, low impact workout style whereby a person takes their joints through a full, vigorous range of motion in an effort to shuttle nutrients to the joint, maintain or improve range of motion, heal injuries/irritation, & improve central nervous system function.


Who needs joint mobility?


If you are presently rehabbing an injury, if you have a postural imbalance, if you suffer from arthritis, if you want to de-stress, if you want to protect your joints from injury, if you want to move freely into your old age then joint mobility is for you.


Why do I need joint mobility?

Your joints have no blood supply, they rely on synovial fluid to supply them with nutrients. Without moving the joints through a full range of vigorous motion they lose their supply of nutrients (which can cause conditions such as arthritis) & their range of motion. Use it or lose it.


When should I do a joint mobility workout?

There are two prime times to practice joint mobility; first thing in the morning & just before a heavy training session (if applicable).

The workouts done at these times should vary however; your morning mobility workout should be a light total body warm up that will leave you feeling invigorated & loose for the day ahead, when using mobility to warm up for heavy lifting one should pay extra attention to the areas that you intend to focus on in the upcoming training session & work them more vigorously in an effort to warm up the muscles around the joint also..


How should I feel after a joint mobility workout?

Loose, invigorated, stress free. The joint mobility workout should never tire you out, only warm you up & get you ready for the day ahead.


How do I do a joint mobility workout?

Pop along to Ben Dunne’s Northwood gym or give me a call if you’d like to arrange a mobility session. Alternatively you can find some basic (& poorly filmed) mobilisations on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TrainingWithDean


How often should I do joint mobility workouts?

Ideally you should start each day with some joint mobility. It takes less than 20mins & will lead to better health & overall function. What do you have to lose?!

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