Livebetter.ie is the creation of Dean Merton, a strength coach and personal trainer located in Dublin, Ireland.
With over 5 years of REAL WORLD experience, Dean has dealt with everyone from private clients to international athletes in sports as diverse as GAA, Water Polo, MMA, Pro Wrestling, and Judo.
 The objective of this website is to filter all of the information available on the best practices to live a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life into one spot.
 On this website you will primarily find information on how to train and eat for optimal performance. You will also find information on how to live a holistically balanced lifestyle.


It is our aim to take submissions from any & all credible sources to allow us to diversify our content as much as possible, as well as help raise the profile of all of our guest contributors and help them spread their ideas to a wider audience.

This will allow Livebetter.ie to be a true melting pot of ideas and allow our readers to glean maximum benefit from time spent on our website.